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Join Us Sunday Afternoon for Doctor Who: Podshock Live Shows Reviewing 'The Curse of the Black Spot' and 'The Doctor's Wife'

On Sunday afternoon we will be recording two episodes of Doctor Who: Podshock live over the net. One reviewing last week's Doctor Who episode, The Curse of the Black Spot and one reviewing this week's The Doctor's Wife. The former starting at 4pm EDT and the latter 5pm EDT.

Doctor Who: Podshock Live Show Reviewing The Impossible Astronaut & Day of the Moon

Because of the tight schedule, we are going to restrict each to hour only. If you would like to contribute live feedback of your thoughts on either or both stories, be sure to get in the queue early. As always, Podshock Supporting Subscribers will be given priority in the queue. I hope to see (err.. hear you there). See the links below for further details.

Master Your iPhone - Learn the Ins and Outs of the Apple iPhone

How To Videos

So you just got a new iPhone and you want to learn all the ins and outs of it? Or perhaps, you had an iPhone for some time, but you still feel like a newbie? Even for long time users, sometimes it is easy to forget the basics or not keep up with changes that each new iOS brings when it is upgraded.

Now you can have iPhone lessons right in your pocket... right on your iPhone. Your instructor is Worth Godwin. The app is the Video Tips for iPhone - Help by Worth Godwin - Worth Godwin Productions (App Store link).

Instagram InstaMeet in Long Beach, NY Take Two

There's another worldwide Instragram meet up or "InstaMeet" taking place on Saturday, May 7th. This one will include a photowalk. As the name implies, these meet ups are everywhere across the globe. This InstaMeet is currently set to take place in 505 communities, that is almost twice as many as the last InstaMeet in March approximately this many days before it taking place.

Join us for the Worldwide Instagram InstaMeet Photowalk on May 7th in Long Beach, NY. Be sure to RSVP if attending.

The Halftone App for #iOS is Free this Weekend!

The Halftone by Juicy Bits (App Store link) for iOS is available for Free this weekend!

See link here:

Photo taken last October at NYCC with an iPhone.

(Superman cosplaer photo by Louis Trapani)

Here I am being dwarfed by the huge fountains in Rome almost 36 years ago now

It's been awhile since I posted a #FlashbackFriday photo. Here I am being dwarfed by the huge fountains in Rome almost 36 years ago now.

It's been awhile since I posted a "Flashback Friday" photo. Here I am being dwarfed by the huge fountains in Rome almost 36 years ago now.

This photo was posted to Instagram as for "Flashback Friday" (which as the name implies, is an opportunity to pull out a photo from the past to share). This photo was taken by my Mom using a 110 point & click film camera. It was post processed on the iPhone using the 100 Cameras in 1 - Stuck In Customs (App Store link) by Trey Ratcliff @TreyRatcliff which I was playing around with for this image. It looks a bit better on the smaller screen of the iPhone than here on the website.

Instagram on Your Mac with InstaDesk! (PhotoDesk)


Being an avid Instagram user, I was excited to learn that there is a new client app for the social photo sharing service on the Mac. A third party app, called InstaDesk [UPDATE: Now titled] PhotoDesk - for Instagram (App Store link).

Since Instagram opened their API to the public, there have been several new options for third party Instagram clients or web interfaces. For example, on the iPad there is InfinitGallery - browse Instagram photos - InfinitApps (App Store link) and Flipboard: Your Social News Magazine - Flipboard Inc. (App Store link) which will allow you to access your Instagram account. There are several web interfaces available as well, my favorite has to be Webstagram.

With the exception of posting photos and applying filters, you can basically do everything you can do on the official Instagram app (currently only available for the iOS) and more using Instagram API. Again, the best example of implementing the API is probably Webstagram that I have seen so far. As good as Webstagram may be though, it is still a website, not an application.

Raising the Flag

Raising the Flag

I took this photo on the iPhone 4 using the camera app HDR Fusion - Cogitap Software (App Store link) and then applied the Lo-Fi filter in Instagram which I used to share the photo.

This is a statue of the iconic WWII image of American soldiers raising the flag at the War Memorial in Eisenhower Park.

Happy Birthday to Grace Lee Whitney, Janice Rand of Star Trek who is 81 today.

Happy Birthday to Grace Lee Whitney, Janice Rand of #StarTrek who is 81 today.

This photo of Grace Lee Whitney I took in 2007 at the New England Fan Experience convention via my DSLR, and post processed today on the iPhone using Photo fx and PictureShow before sharing via Instagram.

Camera+ App for the iOS is Updated with Clarity


The popular 3rd party camera app for the iOS, Camera+ by tap tap tap (App Store link) has been updated. Among some of the updated enhancements is a new feature called, 'Clarity.' While it seems like it is being trumped as a one button fix-all for all your bad photos, I would not be so quick to use it blindly. Like with any other post-processing feature for your images, you will want to compare the results you get from using it first. It is possible that while it may add 'clarity' to a photo, it may also affect the contrast and shadow elements as well.

The GetGlue iPhone App Gets a Make Over and More


The GetGlue app (from AdaptiveBlue) for iPhone and iPod touch has been updated and with it, it has a newly enhanced user interface and more. (See my previous article, Get Glued on GetGlue for more details on GetGlue). In addition to the user interface refresh, which is a quite welcomed refresh, it also now allows you to check into "sports" in addition to the previous categories already available such as television, movies, books, music, wine, etc. Also it now offers Foursquare location check-in integration as well (unfortunately, Gowalla is not also offered as an option as well).

The sun sets in the west

The sun sets in the west

This photograph was taken with the iPhone 4 using the HDR Fusion app, post processed in the 100 Cameras in 1 app and posted via Instagram.

Happy 80th Birthday, Leonard Nimoy of #StarTrek! These photos I took 25 years ago of him in NYC

Happy 80th Birthday, Leonard Nimoy of #StarTrek! These photos I took 25 years ago of him in NYC

These photos of Leonard Nimoy were taken in 1986 at a convention in NYC with an analog SLR (put together here now using the Diptic by Peak Systems iOS app) and posted to Instagram. I wish the lighting was better. Oh well. By the way, Nimoy is a photographer himself too.

Photo: Second Doctor Cosplayer at Gallifrey 2008

In honour of Patrick Troughton's birthday. Here's a 2nd Doctor cosplayer I ran into at Gallifrey One in 2008.

Post processed on the Mac using Flare 2 - The Iconfactory.

Mac OS X is X today! #Apple #Mac #MacOSX

Mac OS X is X today! #Apple #Mac #MacOSX

It was X years ago today that Apple released Mac OS X, changing the face of the desktop OS forever.

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